Andrew Rubin, Police Academy actor, dies at 69

Andrew Rubin, the actor known for playing cadet and would-be ladies’ man George Martin in the ensemble comedy Police Academy, died of lung cancer Oct. 5 in Los Angeles. He was 69.

His manager, Joan Sittenfield, confirmed the news to EW.

Born in New Bedford, Mass., Rubin graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York before scoring his first TV role in Bracken’s World in 1970. He would go on to appear in such shows as The Odd Couple; The Streets of San Francisco; The Jeffersons; Mary Martman, Mary Hartman; Lou Grant; Jessica Novak; Hometown; Joe Bash; and From the Earth to the Moon.

Rubin scored his first major film role in 1978’s Casey’s Shadow, playing Walter Matthau’s eldest son, and he reunited with the actor two years later in Little Miss Marker. He appeared opposite John Travolta in 1979’s Sunnyside, and Police Academy teamed him with Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, and G.W. Bailey, came in 1984.

During a nearly 15-year hiatus from show business, Rubin also worked with several nonprofit and humanitarian organizations. He is survived by his wife, Lauren, and brother, Richard.