‘Big Bang Theory’ star’s gymnastic sex scene scores a ’10’ at Sundance


Melissa Rauch has heads spinning at Sundance after her new film, The Bronze, opened the Park City film festival Thursday night.


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In the film, the Big Bang Theory star plays a former Olympic gymnast who has descended into a lackadaisical life of boozing and smoking pot in a small Ohio town. Variety described one scene between Rauch and co-star Sebastian Stan as “one of the raunchiest sex sequences in movie history,” noting it involves “pole vaults, cartwheels and pirouettes.” Mashable panned the film, but said the sex scene was “a perfect 10.” While The Slanted raved about the film and said the scene has “everything from tumbles, to vaults to cartwheels thrown into the mix to create one of the funniest/raunchiest events you could hope for.”

The Bronze was co-written by Rauch and her husband, Winston Rauch. The actress told critics in the post-screening Q&A that, “as for the sex scene, you write what you know,” and Winston said that the scene gave his wife the chance to “show you what we do in our bedroom.”

But before Big Bang Theory fans get too revved up by the prospect of seeing Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz stick the landing in the bedroom, the actress revealed that she used a body double for the gymnastic parts of the scene.