Carl Sagan’s widow is producing a biopic about him

Carl Sagan, the famed astronomer who reminded us we’re all made of star-stuff, is due to get the star treatment himself via a biopic in the works at Warner Bros.

The studio is developing an untitled drama about Sagan with producers Ann Druyan, who is Sagan’s widow, and Lynda Obst, whose credits include Interstellar and Contact, EW has confirmed. The Tracking Board first reported the news.

Zach Dean, writer of the crime thriller Deadfall, is penning the script for the film. Details have yet to be revealed about the plot, though Sagan’s life offers plenty of professional and personal fodder.

Best known as the co-creator and host of the public television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, which explored the wonders and vastness of the universe, Sagan was also a best-selling and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, as well as the person who came up with the idea to put gold-plated records aboard the Voyager spacecrafts so they might one day be found by extraterrestrials.

It was during their Voyager work that Sagan and Druyan, the project’s creative director, first fell in love. Their other collaborations together included the Cosmos series, several books, and the film version of Sagan’s novel Contact (the movie was ultimately completed after his death in 1996).

Druyan also won an Emmy last year for her follow-up series Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey.

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