Casting Net: Jennifer Aniston, Jack Huston fly with The Yellow Birds

  • The Yellow Birds sees a casting shake-up. Jack Huston fills in for the role Benedict Cumberbatch once considered in new director Alexandre Moors’ feature. Jennifer Aniston also hops aboard, fleshing out a group boasting Tye Sheridan and Alden Ehrenreich. Based on Iraq War veteran Kevin Powers’ book, the movie follows two young soldiers who befriend each other and their struggles during war. Huston plays a domineering officer, while Aniston is Sheridan’s mother. [Deadline]
  • Blake Jenner is set to be one of Hailee Steinfeld’s Besties — well, more like siblings. The young actor has joined the coming-of-age drama in which Nadine (Steinfeld) discovers her older brother (Jenner) is secretly dating her best friend, Krista. Woody Harrelson, Kyra Sedgwick, and Hayden Szeto also appear in writer-director Kelly Fremon’s cinematic debut, backed by producer James L. Brooks. [Deadline]
  • Robert Wagner jumps to the dystopian sci-fi feature What Happened to Monday? Already starring Noomi Rapace, Glenn Close, and Willem Dafoe, the thriller takes place in a future that sees society placing a cap on population. One family has septuplets that play the same person and go out for one day each week. Wagner plays a revered news broadcaster. Production on Tommy Wirkola film, from Kerry Williamson and Max Botkin, is underway in Bucharest. [Deadline]
  • George Lopez is heading to the tropics to play the child of an arctic icon. He’s added to Aloha Santa to play Chris Cringle, the adopted and childish son of Santa Claus himself. After his father dies, he must take the reins of the sled. Jonathan Yudis directs of a script penned by him, Adam “Tex” Davis and Mike Davis. [Variety]
  • Sully taps a former Glee actor. Max Adler will be in Clint Eastwood’s Sully Sullenberger biopic led by Tom Hanks. Adler takes on the role of a passenger named Jimmy Stefanik. Todd Komarnicki’s script is adapted from the memoir of Sullenberger, who safely landed a commercial plan in New York’s Hudson River after an engine malfunction. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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