Casting Net: Rob Lowe to star in British drama mini-series ‘Apocalypse Slough’


Image Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

• Rob Lowe is set to play a large role in Apocalypse Slough, a 10-part British series ordered by Sky 1. Lowe will play Father Jude in this witty, end-of-days drama, where a group of people “hunker beneath the town of Slough, about 20 miles west of London, to watch the end of the world on TV.” Father Jude holds the position of Devil’s Advocate in the Vatican and is a “charismatic, irreverent, rebellious but also deeply moral man.” [Deadline]

Bill Hader will be narrating the feature documentary Beaver Trilogy Part IV. The “meta-movie” is focused on cult director Trent Harris and is set to “come full circle,” when it premieres Friday night at the Sundance Film Festival. The documentary shows director Brad Besser explore filmmaker Harris’ obsession with the story of Groovin’ Gary, a performer from Beaver, Utah and all his subsequent underground films on the subject, the Beaver Trilogy. [Deadline]

Bel Powley (Diary of a Teenage Girl) has been cast opposite Tye Sheridan in the indie thriller Detour. Sheridan will play Harper, a “grieving law student” who plots to murder his “corrupt and abusive stepfather.” Powley will play Cherry, a stripper/prostitute who helps out Harper. The film will begin principal photography next month in South Africa. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Moises Arias (Hannah Montana, The Wizards of Waverly Place) has been added to the cast of Ben-Hur in the role of Gestas, “a teenage Jewish zealot whose family has been murdered by the Romans, who is desperate to fight for his people’s freedom.” The remake of the Roman empire epic will star Jack Huston, Morgan Freeman, and Toby Kebbell. [Deadline]

Luna Blaise has landed a role in the James Franco drama Memoria, an adaptation of Franco’s short story of an anti-social boy in the suburbs of Palo Alto who is “dealing with family dysfunction, his love for a girl who doesn’t know he exists, and his social group of slacker skater punks.” Franco, Teo Halm, and Thomas Mann will also star in the film. [Deadline]