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Film Review: ‘The Incident’

October 15, 2015

Two brothers flee a determined cop, clattering down an anonymous stairwell in an apartment complex. A bickering family sets out on a long road trip to the coast. Neither party will get much further: The stairwell and road are apparently infinite loops in time and space. In “The Incident,” Mexican scripter-helmer Isaac Ezban crafts a […]

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Film Review: ‘East Side Sushi’

September 21, 2015

Courtesy of Blue Sun Pictures Given the recent rise in popularity of the mutant-sized sushi burrito and other dubious but satisfying fusion-cuisine hybrids, the time feels improbably right for “East Side Sushi,” a gently winning foodie fable about a Mexican-American chef who dreams of working behind the bar at a Japanese restaurant. Writer-director Anthony Lucero’s […]

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Venice Film Review: ‘In Jackson Heights’

September 5, 2015

Courtesy of Venice Film Festival When taken as a whole, Frederick Wiseman’s U.S.-set documentaries are a celebration of sorts of sloppy American democracy in action: The system may be flawed at the top, but its grassroots pugnacity is consistently admired from the director’s iconic, unobtrusive viewpoint. Jackson Heights is a multiethnic neighborhood in Queens, and “In Jackson […]

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SXSW Film Review: Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart in ‘Get Hard’

March 17, 2015

If you’re disturbed by white-collar crime, but not quite as disturbed as you are by gay sex, then congratulations: You might possess just the right combo of social conscience and unexamined homophobia needed to fully enjoy “Get Hard.” Not even two of America’s most reliable funnymen can eke consistent laughs out of this sloppy odd-couple comedy […]

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Berlin Film Review: ‘600 Miles’

February 7, 2015

America’s Second Amendment inadvertently serves to keep Mexican drug cartels stocked with U.S.-made, military-grade artillery in “600 Miles,” an understated, astutely gauged look at the way weapons flow south to arm Latin American infighting, as seen through the eyes of two characters on opposing sides of the law: a low-level Mexican weapons smuggler (Kristyan Ferrer) and the American […]

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Film Review: ‘Princess Jellyfish’

February 5, 2015

What iridescent beauty stings at the merest physical touch? That would be Tsukimi, the dweeby heroine of “Princess Jellyfish,” whose Prince Charming is the drippy, gelatinous kind. Taisuke Kawamura’s dramedy depicting a jellyfish nut’s friendship with a cross-dressing fashionista and her bumpy romance with a cherry-boy politician is cutesy, escapist fun. Paying token tribute to Japan’s famous […]

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Film Review: ‘McFarland, USA’

February 4, 2015

The stirring true story of how a scrappy Latino high-school running team beat the odds is treated as a Kevin Costner vehicle first and foremost in “McFarland, USA,” a cross-cultural cross-country drama that feels descended from a long line of minority-underdog movies like “The Blind Side,” “Stand and Deliver,” “Pride” and the Oscar-winning documentary “Undefeated.” […]

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McFarland, USA—The AllMovie Review

January 1, 1970

★ ★ ★ ½ Inspiring, true-life sports movies are a cinematic staple, and some of the best have been produced by Disney, such as Miracle, Remember the Titans, The Rookie, and The Greatest Game Ever Played. Now, the House of Mouse adds to its impressive resume with McFarland, USA, a rousing crowd pleaser about an […]

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