Reviewing The Movie Hook


This image has reminded me that I still miss Robin Williams. He was an outstanding comedian and very beloved by children thanks to his child-like antics and family friendly films. His passing has left a void that has not yet been filled and it makes me sad that my own kids won’t be able to appreciate an actor of his calibre like I did.

I’m so going to watch this tonight. Everyone else I’d pass on the street without a second thought. Rufio actor Dante Basco has aged well and is mostly recognizable.

It was the right mix of wonder and magic to leave a great impression on a child and starred the irreverent Robin Williams as Peter Pan(ning)! The folks over at ET got Peter’s “Lost Boys” cast back together, (in costume!), for a photo shoot to do a “then and now” on the 2 year anniversary of Robin Williams’ passing and they’re… mostly unrecognizable.Hook is one of my favorite movies.