DOXA 2017: Documentary comes to the rescue in an increasingly chaotic world

Documentary Film Festival 2017

DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2017: Interesting Times

In the words of the original documentary rebel Chris Marker: “Rarely has reality needed so much to be imagined.” In an increasingly chaotic world, documentary comes to the rescue, offering radical reinvention, brave new ideas for the future, and a flinty and unyielding form of hope.

DOXA announced last night that it is very proud to open the 2017 festival with Marie Clements’ extraordinary documentary musical The Road Forward, a celebration of First Nation history and a portrait of a people who have retained their identity and power through art, activism and community.

Spotlight on Troublemakers celebrates folk who upend the applecart, wreak havoc and generally disrupt business as usual with a selection of films that resist, rage on and fight for real change.

Our Midweek special presentations include Olivier Babinet’s youth blast of teenage energy in Swagger, and Jacob Smith’s Waking the Sleeping Giant that follows an intersectional coalition of activists, politicians and ordinary folk who are fighting for real democracy in the post-Trump USA.

Guest Curator David Beers has assembled a selection of incendiary new political films in Trumped! Now What? Our third edition French French includes a retrospective of the work of the legendary filmmaker Chris Marker. On the eve of the Provincial election, we are very proud to present a special town hall screening of Charles Wilkinson’s new film Vancouver: No Fixed Address.

Julian Rosefeldt’s MANIFESTO shouts revolution from the rooftops in the protean form of Cate Blanchett, playing thirteen different characters reciting this century’s greatest cultural and social manifestos (Fluxus to Dogme 95) in our closing night film.

DOXA Documentary Film Festival runs May 4 –14, 2017. Tickets are available HERE.