Drew Barrymore says she’s taking a break from acting to be with her daughters

Drew Barrymore was only 5 years old when she made her film debut, but now that she has small children of her own, she’s taking a break from Hollywood.

“My whole universe revolves around my children, and the hours keep me away from them too much,” she told U.K. newspaper The Times in an interview. “I’m not willing to do that.”

Barrymore has two daughters with husband Will Kopelman — 3-year-old Olive and 17-month-old Frankie.

Barrymore already has been appearing in significantly fewer films per year than she did in the ’90s and early 2000s, and her next one, Miss You Already, in which she plays a woman whose best friend (Toni Collette) is diagnosed with terminal cancer, comes out Nov. 6.

She had been planning to take a break from acting when Miss You Already came up, but Barrymore decided to make the movie even though “the timing was all wrong.” Reading the script, she said, “I was furious that I liked it so much.”

So for those of you hoping she would resume her role as one of Charlie’s Angels for a cameo in the upcoming reboot, don’t hold your breath: “Any acting roles will be few and far between until my kids are older,” Barrymore said, “and by then, who knows what I’ll want to do?”

However Barrymore insists that she’s not quitting for good. “By no means am I abandoning acting,” she clarified. “Nor am I pretending that I don’t love acting, but I cannot do it right now, with my children.”