Entourage: EW review

By its eighth and final season, HBO’s Tinseltown bro-down Entourage seemed like it had ossified into self-congratulatory smugness. It turns out, though, all we needed was some time to miss it. A lot’s happened to Vincent Chase (Adrian -Grenier) and his codependent posse of backslapping hangers-on since the show ended: Vince got married (for nine days); E (Kevin Connolly) is going to be a dad with his ex Sloan; Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) got rich and thin; Drama (Kevin Dillon) snagged a role that may finally save him from being a punchline; and Ari (Jeremy Piven) runs the studio bankrolling Vince’s directorial debut, an over-budget techno-rave update of Jekyll & Hyde that looks completely ridiculous. All of this catching-up is breezily dashed off between drive-by celebrity cameos thanks to director Doug Ellin, who probably had a bachelor party in Ibiza to jet off to. But the film’s twitchy ADHD pacing hardly matters since we’re in such good company. What plot there is hinges on the guys having to beg a Texas yokel financier (Billy Bob Thornton) for more money on Vince’s film, although the message can pretty much be boiled down to this: Entourage, the show and the movie, is about five insanely lucky knuckleheads who have each other’s backs in a town that’s more likely to stab you there. B

Check out the cast of Entourage in the video below as the explain the tv series in 30 seconds: