Feast director Patrick Osborne to direct Battling Boy adaptation

The director behind Disney’s adorable 2015 animated short film Feast, which screened before Big Hero 6 in theaters, is moving on to a much scarier world for his next project.

EW can confirm that Patrick Osborne is set to direct Paramount’s adaptation of Paul Pope’s Battling Boy, the acclaimed graphic novel released in 2013 by publisher First Second. Battling Boy focuses on the eponymous young hero, a demigod who becomes the last hope of Acropolis, a land beset by horrible demons and monsters after the death of the hero who kept them at bay, Haggard West.

Pope’s original work led to two other entries in the series, The Death of Haggard West and The Rise of Aurora West, the daughter of Haggard. Several yeas ago, Pope worked on a film adaptation that was eventually tabled. For more on its history and the graphic novel, read EW’s original preview of Pope’s work.

No casting or release date has been officially announced for the project. In addition to Paramount, Plan B’s Jeremy Kleiner and Sarah Esberg are producing. Tracking Board originally reported the news.

Image Credit: First Second Books

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