George Lucas says Disney ‘didn’t want to do’ his version of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’


Image Credit: Todd Anderson/Disney via Getty Images

More than two years after he sold his empire (and his rebels!) to Disney, George Lucas is enjoying his retirement from making Star Wars movies—not to mention his retirement from people getting angry at him for making Star Wars movies.


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So when CinemaBlend reporter Nick Romano asked Lucas about his contribution to the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens, the filmmaker genially responded that Disney basically ignored Lucas’ ideas for the new trilogy. Lucas explains that he had sold his ideas for Episode VII to Disney, but “they came up to the decision that they didn’t really want to do those. So they made up their own.”

It’s not really clear if Lucas had a specific story in place for Episode VII, or just vaguely-defined notions like “Han and Leia’s children have lightsabers” or “this time it’s personal” or “Death Stars???” or “Z-wing.” Episode VII Kremlinologists will recall that Lucas had some interaction with Michael Arndt, the screenwriter who was writing Episode VII until he wasn’t writing Episode VII. Of course, Star Wars scholars will also recall that Lucas spent a couple decades variously claiming that he was definitely making a sequel trilogy and definitely not making a sequel trilogy.

So it’s all as clear as a summer day on Mimban, which is a swamp planet covered in clouds. You can see Lucas’s full statements in a video at CinemaBlend.