How to prepare for The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

How to Prepare for Comic Con:

It’s that time of year again! We’re just days away from The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con! The convention is descending on the city of Las Vegas and the excitement is starting to set in. I’ve noticed dozens of people struggle to navigate their way around the city and convention to find decent places to both eat and more importantly use the bathroom. Seriously, navigating your way around is critical when you’re walking around in storm trooper armor.


This tool is amazingly awesome and extremely helpful for making sure you don’t miss you’re desired panel. It’s incredibly easy to lose track of time at the show while waiting in lines. Lines will easily eat hours of your day and this helpful app will provide you not only with reminders but oh so needed directions. Not only do you need to know when to be there, but you also need to know how to get there.

Arrive Early

camping_nyccThis is mission critical. IF you want to attend your desired panel, booth or signing you need to arrive extremely early in order to get in line. If you get there by 8:30 A.M. then you’re already too late! Most panel lines are full before the convention even starts and that’s due to the HUGE attendance of people who attend the show and camp out the night before.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

There’s a lot of walking involved at the show and while you abuse your feet for hours on end the least you can do is try your best to wear comfortable shoes! Most conventions have a strict policy on not allowing you to go barefoot so try your best to find your most comfortable pair and WEAR EM!

Bring Food/Water

Some of the lines for food are longer than the lines in the actual show. If possible BRING FOOD! BRING WATER! You likely want to use all of your hard earned dollars in the actual show that also cost you a lot of hard earned dollars to attend.

Find Artist Alley

Comic-Con-Artist-AlleyIt’s true, the alley exists and they are not at all on the main show floor… although you will see some of your artists walking back and forth from their artist alley booth to their scheduled events. Make sure you find this awesome area to talk to your favorite artists, get some signatures, and original art!

Learn the schedule

You don’t want to miss that killer panel or event! You can easily lose track of time while having fun on the convention floor. Thankfully conventions will usually share the panel/event schedule ahead of the show allowing you to update your calendar and set those important reminders giving you plenty of time to haul it to get in line for your event before the panels fill to capacity!

Learn the Surrounding Area

Local restaurants are weary to let people use their bathrooms unless your a paying customer. Parking can be cumbersome as well. Heed these words.