Simon Helberg Think Of ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’

I had a really fun opportunity to speak to actor Simon Helberg (Big Bang Theory) about his new movie Florence Foster Jenkins (out now in theaters). Helberg came through Chicago and I spoke to him as part of a critics roundtable. He talked about working with Meryl Streep, learning to play the piano and the difference between television and film.

Here is he entire audio of the interview below:

In person I was bit surprised how low-key and collected he was.Really fun chat with Simon. He has a huge following due to his work on Big Bang Theory, but he was really enjoyable and stole this movie. Very pleasant to be around. The funniest moments involve him. He was the vital cog of Florence Foster Jenkins. He seems like a really bright and insightful kinda guy. I was expecting someone with a huge personality that’s very quirky, but Simon was more on the serious side, which was very interesting to me.