Jean-Claude Van Damme And Dolph Lundgren Are Cooperating In A New Action Movie

Black Water

The 1980s and 1990s were glorious times for action movies, and two of the most famous action stars during those decades were Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. On occasion, these two have worked together, like in 1992’s Universal Soldier (seen above) and two decades later in The Expendables 2. Five years after that latter movie, it’s been announced that they’ll be joining forces yet again for an action-thriller called Black Water.

Black Water

In recent years, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s big screen performances have included Master Croc in the latter two Kung Fu Panda movies and Master Durand in Kickboxer: Vengeance, while most of his work nowadays is comprised of limited release and straight-to-video projects. He also starred in the Jean-Claude Van Johnson pilot on Amazon, which was ordered to series this past September. As for Dolph Lundgren, his recent notable credits include playing Gunner Jensen in all the Expendables movies, FBI agent Zack Reed in Kindergarten Cop 2 and a submarine commander in Hail, Caesar!. He is currently appearing as flashback villain Konstantin Kovar on the Arrow TV series.

Produced by Dawn’s Light Media and written by Chad Law, Black Water will follow a deep cover operative, played by Jean-Claude Van Damme who wakes up to find himself trapped in a CIA black site on board a submarine. It wasn’t revealed who Dolph Lundgren will play. However, rather than play enemies yet again, THR states that Black Water will be the first time Van Damme and Lundgren will play characters allied with one another. No director has been tapped yet, but it will be produced by Richard Switzer and Tyler Konney, while Alexander Ferguson and Jason Cherubini will executive produce.

Even though Black Water details are light at the moment, this movie sounds like it will be a treat for any Jean-Claude Van Damme or Dolph Lundgren fan. After seeing multiple movies of them clashing (namely the Universal Soldier movies), it will be a welcome change of pace to see them kicking bad guy ass together. Despite being in their mid-late 50s, both Van Damme and Lundgren have been keeping their feet planted firmly in the action realm, so jumping back in for Black Water, with fists and bullets flying, will be comfortable territory. Although these two will be the main stars, it would also be cool if a third 80s/90s action star could cameo in Black Water, but Van Damme and Lundgren are enough for now.