Justin Bieber drops ‘Sorry’ acoustic

Justin Bieber drops 'Sorry' acoustic

Justin Bieber and Skrillex might be each other’s musical muses. The artists’ two 2015 collaborations — “Where Are Ü Now” and “Sorry” — have both been incendiary.

The pair, along with “Sorry” co-producer Blood, linked up for an acoustic rendition of the new single and a mini behind-the-scenes spot, released Monday.

The clip opens with Bieber and Skrillex discussing their recent collaborations. “Honestly, every single thing was so good, it was hard to figure out where to go,” says Skrillex. “Working with this guy is easy, because he cares so much,” Bieber adds. “When you have people who care, that’s what goes the extra mile.”

Skrillex then plays the guitar, Bieber sings with a bit more restraint than the studio version, and Blood lingers on the couch. They also mix the music video up with a rare, but seemingly necessary, skateboarding intermission.

Check out “Sorry” acoustic above. Bieber’s new record, Purpose, is out Nov. 13.