Movies And TV Shows We Want Added To Netflix In 2015

disney movie schedule 2015

For all of the great content on Netflix, it seems as if there’s always something missing. Sometimes, it’s the sequel to a great movie, other times, it’s a hugely popular TV show. Whatever the reason for any content’s absence from the massive streaming library, it still hurts when something can’t be found.

2015 is looking to be a huge year for both movies and TV, and Netflix could really ride the hype train with some carefully placed additions to its library – and, there’s just a whole bunch of stuff that fans want to see. Here’s what should be added to Netflix’s streaming library in 2015:

Star Wars

Star Wars is owned by Disney, and there are Disney movies on Netflix. It’s not so hard to imagine that Star Wars could come to Netflix, is it? Considering fans are headed back to the galaxy from far, far away later this year, it’d be somewhat strange for Disney to hold off on making the films available for streaming. On top of that, Disney could really get the fans excited by making the original theatrical cuts available instead of all those silly re-releases. It’s time for the greatest space opera of all time to head online.

Indiana Jones

If we can’t have Star Wars, at least give us Indiana Jones. The first three movies were some of the greatest adventure flicks ever made, and to be perfectly honest – even the fourth film isn’t so bad upon rewatching (though clearly not on the same level, not by a long shot). There aren’t many movies like Indiana Jones out there, and there’s even less on Netflix. Perhaps it’s time Dr. Jones took a trip to the streaming service…and it’s not like people are going to complain about more Harrison Ford, either.

Super Troopers

It’s definitely not the smartest movie in the world, but Super Troopers is definitely one of the funniest. It’s the perfect college-age comedy: it’s about partying, inept police officers and even stupider jokes. Even after all these years, the movie still holds up (something that can’t be said of most comedies). This is one movie that just feels like it should already be on Netflix – in fact, it already has been…but that doesn’t mean we don’t want it back.

Batman: The Animated Series

Considering just how much of DC’s animated library is already available on Netflix, it’s somewhat surprising that the best of the bunch isn’t. Batman: The Animated Series was an absolute triumph, combining the dark look of the Burton films with the expanded rogues gallery from the comics. It was near-perfect, and the fact that it’s so hard to find nowadays is a real shame.

More Batman in General

Speaking of Batman, how long were those Burton movies available on Netflix for – a month or two? Aside from the Nolan trilogy, the two Burton Batman films are the only other live-action Bat-films worth watching. On a similar note, where is Mask of the Phantasm? The animated movie was better than everything in-between Burton and Nolan, and tells one of the best Batman stories ever. There’s some great Batman stuff on Netflix, true – but the service is missing the best of the franchise.

Alien and Aliens

The fact that two of the best sci-fi horror movies aren’t available on Netflix is an honest travesty. Alien redefined sci-fi forever, and its sequel was one of the best examples of how to properly continue a story. These two films are fantastic in their own right, but they were also monumentally influential on everything that followed. Considering how far the franchise has fallen and the fact that the only thing fans have to look forward to is Prometheus 2, it’d be a nice boost for viewers to be able to stream both Alien and Aliens.

Dragon Ball Z

Sure, there’s plenty of anime available on Netflix, but how much of it is actually good? Some of the biggest hitters in the genre – shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop – are nowhere to be found. Even worse, arguably the heaviest hitter of them all, Dragon Ball Z, is M.I.A. as well. Considering the show is almost entirely responsible for anime becoming mainstream in the U.S., it deserves a spot on Netflix’s roster.

Jurassic Park

Like Star Wars, it only makes sense that Jurassic Park gets added to the Netflix library. The Jurassic World trailer was universally well-received, and it’s not as if the series is easy to find elsewhere. Netflix could take that existing hype and push it over the top if fans were suddenly able to watch the original movie again. As for the sequels…well, Netflix, you don’t have to worry about adding the sequels.


Now that Community will be airing on Yahoo, it’s a bit of a stretch to think that the show would make its way to Netflix – then again, not a single episode of the original six seasons ever made its way to the streaming service’s library, and that alone is a crime. The show was hilariously witty, and despite a bit of a slump during the fifth season, the series is pretty much consistently funny all the way through. At the very least, it’s great that the show was saved, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be available for everyone to see.

Seinfeld (instead of Friends)

Netflix made waves when it announced that Friends would be coming to its streaming library – but it still missed the mark by just a bit. The Show About Nothing was Friends before Friends existed, and the fact that Seinfeld isn’t already available on Netflix is bizarre. It’s the perfect binge-watching show, and for those of us who grew up with Jerry and Elaine before Ross and Rachel, there’s really no substitute. Seinfeld was something of a milestone, both for TV and for comedy, and without it, there probably wouldn’t be a Friends. Let’s hope that Netflix can make this right.

2015 could be an absolutely huge year for Netflix if the company plays its cards right. Securing even just a few of these selections could be a big boost – get on it, Netflix.