Nancy Meyers on sexism in Hollywood: ‘Women can direct dinosaurs’

Nancy Meyers has a strong statement for Hollywood: don’t presume female directors don’t want to make hefty blockbusters.

The Intern director opened up about the issue of sexism in the Hollywood circuit during a lengthy interview with New York Magazine. “Even I was saying for a minute that maybe women just don’t want to direct the big-cape movies or tentpole movies because maybe they can’t really relate, but now I’m thinking that’s not even true,” she said. “Let’s not assume women don’t want in on those kind of movies. Women can direct dinosaurs. Believe me.”

Her comments come after Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow made some remarks on the issue of gender imbalance that sparked a passionate response from the industry.

“Many of the top female directors in our industry are not interested in doing a piece of studio business for its own sake,” he said last month on social media. “These filmmakers have clear voices and stories to tell that don’t necessarily involve superheroes or spaceships or dinosaurs.” (He later added, “I believe that there is an imbalance in our industry that needs to change, and it will. If I’m muddling my point, I apologize.”)

Meyers didn’t directly refer to those remarks, but did say she hopes to see more movies being made about women.

“Women have moved up in the exec jobs more than in any other job in Hollywood,” she said. “And with women doing so well right now in the executive ranks, I think we’ll see more movies about women.”

You can read her full New York story here, and check out EW’s interview with Meyers before The Intern arrives in theaters on Sep. 25.

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