Netflix to offer ‘The Interview’


If you have yet to see The Interview, it will now be available on yet another platform: Netflix. According to the streaming service‘s investor letter, the movie will hit Netflix this Saturday Jan. 24. Hard to think that at one point it seemed like this movie wasn’t going to see the light of day. 


'The Interview' is coming to DVD with a 'Freedom Edition'

Despite the fact that the theatrical release of the film was initially canceled following a threat from hackers, the James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy was released online for rental and sale Christmas Eve on a variety of platforms. It also received limited theatrical release at that time. The movie has grossed over $40 million through rental or purchase online and via cable, satellite, and telecom providers, Sony announced today.

The movie made just over $6 million theatrically. A “Freedom Edition” DVD and Blu-Ray will be on sale starting Feb. 17.