Or So the Story Goes – Season One

Or So the Story Goes - Season One

Or So the Story Goes is an award winning anthology horror series that uses a rotating cast to spin a new twist on classic tales from children’s literature. This season OSTSG pays homage to 90s teen slasher with the retelling of “Rumpelstiltskin.”

Matilda Miller escaped the clutches of serial kidnapper Robert Stiltskin 25 years ago, leading to his arrest. When he is released from prison a masked killer begins taking the lives of the town’s residents and Matilda’s daughter Taylor finds herself the main target. Meanwhile, detectives from the local police department find themselves taunted by riddles as they try to unmask the killer. The catch? The killer seems to be calling the shots and they only have three days to solve the case.

Episode 1. 3, 2, 1…

Meet the residents of Kingstown. On the day serial kidnapper Robert Stiltskin is released from prison, the small community must begin a fight for their lives, as a masked killer takes one of their own.

Episode 2. Isolated Incident

The police department begins to question the staff and students of Kingstown High School as rumors begin to fly. No arrests have been made leaving everyone wondering… who’s next?

Episode 3. The DVR is at Capacity

Taylor begins to worry she is a target, Dillon struggles with the recent murder and another victim is discovered.

Episode 4. Algorithm for Chaos

Kate digs deeper into the case and the students of Kingstown High start asking questions.

Episode 5. Proper Motivation

Kate and Nick question Stiltskin at his home. Another murder rocks Kingstown and everyone in it.

Episode 6. Something Happened at the High School

Taylor comes face to face with the killer and Kate gets a visitor from her past.

Episode 7. Town Curfew

Taylor learns more about her mother’s past. A curfew is put in place for all of Kingstown.

Episode 8. Killer Party

A silly little curfew won’t stop Scott’s killer party. Kate makes a break in the case.

Episode 9. You Wrote This Story

Kate and Nick desperately try and find the killer before time runs out.