Sean Astin is still fighting the Fratelli brothers 30 years after The Goonies

On June 7, 1985, The Goonies was released in theaters where it would finish in second place during its debut weekend to Rambo: First Blood Part II. But 30 years later, and The Goonies is a cultural touchstone for the millennial generation (Seth Cohen is a fan) and relevant enough that talk of a sequel still percolates often.

The cast and crew of The Goonies has discussed the film’s place in popular culture before, and will do so again on Sunday. Stars Sean Astin, Robert Davi and Joe Pantoliano are appearing together at Niagra Falls Comic Con, and Astin commemorated the anniversary with a photo on Twitter.

As the saying goes, Goonies (almost) never say die.

Relive the original trailer for The Goonies below.