See Cara Delevingne take on morning talk show hosts in painfully awkward interview

British supermodel, Taylor Swift squad member, and newly minted movie star Cara Delevingne has been promoting Paper Towns for a few weeks now and has apparently just about had it with morning talk show hosts.

In the disastrously awkward interview below, after first addressing Delevingne as “Carla,” a Good Day Sacramento host asks the actress whether she bothered to read Paper Towns before starring in the adaptation. Her co-host follows up by asking if being so busy makes it easier to focus, and Delevingne, speaking for us all, looks perplexed and says, “No. I don’t know where that comes from.”

After a third anchor jumps in and asks why she isn’t visibly thrilled to be talking to them (“are you just exhausted?”), the interview comes to a mercifully early conclusion. 

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