Shakira joins voice cast, records new song for Disney’s Zootopia

Shakira is ready to “Try Everything” for the upcoming animated adventure, Zootopia. The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer is set to contribute an upbeat original song for the Disney film, one of a number of new projects touted at the studio’s D23 Expo taking place in Anaheim this weekend. The international pop diva also will lend her voice to the character Gazelle who lives in the wholly animal city.

She tweeted an image of the sultry character Friday.

Set for release next year, Zootopia centers on an optimstic bunny meter maid Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) who comes up against a wily con artist fox, Nick Wilde (Jason Batman). Actress and self-professed “Disney addict” Goodwin took the stage to present extended clips from the film—one of which saw the two characters banter at a local ice cream shop run by elephants. Another shows them running into some trouble with sloths working at the DMV.

Animators traveled to Kenya to research native wildlife, which informed not only the animals but also the design of the city, including such regions as Tundratown and Bunny Burrows. From the stage, John Lasseter, Disney’s chief creative officer, said he’d long been a fan of talking animal films.

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