Sing Movie Review 2016

sing poster

sing poster

Sing stumbles just slightly for being a bit slow in places. There are multiple stories that need to be weaved together for the movie to make sense and I applaud director/writer Garth Jennings for taking the time to make it all fit. That being said, if you can hang in there for a bit and push past the slow parts, you are in for a real treat!

I walked out of Sing feeling like I had gotten more than my money’s worth. Mind you, I didn’t pay a dime to see it, but just know it’ll be worth every penny when you go see it in theaters. When koala Buster Moon’s (Matthew McConaughey) theatre hits rock bottom, he decides to revitalize his business by having a singing competition open to the masses. The movie chronicles what happens from tryouts and beyond. The result is a feel good movie that will be a good watch for years to come.

Just like Moana and a couple of the other animated movies that have come out this year, Sing packs a sincere and strong message. Life throws curveballs at us at times and has a way of leaving us worse-off which is why we have to take advantage of every opportunity that gets thrown our way no matter the sacrifice. Every character was developed extremely well with their own set of baggage and shortcomings.

Take Johnny (Taron Egerton) for example. Johnny is the lookout gorilla for his father’s gang, but he doesn’t want to be a part of a life of crime. Johnny wants to sing. Just one of many characters who help carry the message to fruition.

Outside of your kids getting a lesson out of it, Sing is just plain funny. Some of the music choices will leave you cracking up. An alligator rapping “The Humpty Dance” while doing the robot and wearing a Kangol hat. I can’t even read the sentence without laughing! My personal favorite was the K-Pop group consisting of red pandas. Talk about subtle detail. Even the detail behind each character’s face as they crooned their songs put a smile on my face. Well done.

Sing is perfect for all ages. Everyone, old and young, will be sucked in by the recognizable music and various hilarious scenes. Great movie just in time for Christmas.