Suicide Squad Cast Debuts Killer New Trailer at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Fans got a look at a different type of #SquadGoals at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards this weekend.

The cast introduced a never-before-seen clip from the upcoming August anti-hero movie Suicide Squad during the star-studded Los Angeles ceremony.

After a brief monologue, Will Smith introduced the video with a question: “Are you ready for the worst heroes ever?”

The action-packed clip featured a hail of gunfire, witty one-liners and Jared Leto sporting The Joker’s quintessential makeup.

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The movie—which stars Smith, Leto, and Margot Robbie—brings together a motley crew of supervillains, united to aide in a secret government mission.

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Directed by David Ayer and produced by Zack Snyder, Suicide Squad features many iconic comic book characters, including Harley Quinn (Robbie), the Joker (Leto) and Deadshot (Smith).

Smith was also honored with the MTV Generation Award at the show.

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