Reviewing The Superhero Bits

Captain Marvel - Brie Larson

The mutant Gambit has officially joined the fight in the mobile game Marvel’s Contest of Champions.

The Flash star Tom Cavanagh gets a new villain pitched to him in the latest episode of Village Idiot.

The Flash has added Ashley Rickards to the cast this season as the female version of The Top.

Marvel has revealed some of the fans who will be featured in the next batch of cosplay variant comic cover this year.

Gwenpool - Cosplay Comic Variant

Deborah Snyder talked a bit about the scarred Batman and more relateable Superman from Batman v Superman.

Suicide Squad has passed $500 million in the worldwide box office, and it’s opening in Germany this weekend.

Here’s an image of what Brie Larson may look like as Captain Marvel if she dons the signature mohawk.

Captain Marvel - Brie Larson

How much has Suicide Squad made worldwide so far? Which comic book movie was the most mentioned in Twitter’s trending #Fav7Movies hashtag? How did Angel inspire the shawarma scene after the credits of The Avengers? What item can you spot in every police station scene in The Flash? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

ComicBookResources runs through 10 musical sequences they’d like to see in The Flash/Supergirl musical episode.

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