Justice League vs Suicide Squad: Margot Kidder Doesn’t Like New Lois Lane More

Justice League vs Suicide Squad

Are all of the Batman movies basically the same? When will Justice League take on Suicide Squad again in the comics? Want to sign a petition to have Marvel make a Netflix series about Thor and his roommate Daryl? Why was the Cap vs Black Widow fight cut from Captain America: Civil War? Why doesn’t Margot Kidder like the new Lois Lane in the DC Expanded Universe? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Here’s the synopsis for the third season premiere of Gotham, returning to Fox in October.

This video explores 24 ways that all of the Batman movies we’ve seen over the years are the same.

The Flash co-showrunner Todd Helbing teases the return of some dead characters thanks to the Flashpoint storyline.

This Captain America: Civil War featurette focuses on the fights between all of the superheroes through the film.

Check out some new photos from the set of Iron Fist where Danny Rand (Finn Jones) has somehow been injured.

Justice League vs Suicide Squad