The Final Girls director on how his horror comedy is the new (scary) Pleasantville

If you love horror comedies with a nostalgic flair for time-travel classics, you’re in luck. 

The Final Girls centers on Max (Taissa Farmigaand her late mother (Malin Akerman), who was a famous horror star in the 1980s. When Max is drawn into the cinematic world of her mother’s best-known film, the pair must fend off the movie’s killer together.   

Akerman and director Todd Strauss-Schulson checked in with EW at New York Comic-Con to talk about their upcoming upcoming genre-blending flick, likening it to a few fan-favorite films.

“I love the mother-daughter relationship that grounds this whole thing,” Akerman says, “and I think it’s so smart the way it’s set in this really bad 80’s horror film. It’s just a great marriage of different genres, and fun and sad and scary.”

To which Strauss-Schulson adds, “It feels like Back to the Future or Pleasantville.”

The pair also discussed how they got involved in the project and co-star Nina Dobrev’s on-set pranks (and love of hot dogs?). And in the spirit of horror and Halloween, they talked about their favorite scary movies too, with Strauss-Schulson joking that his is 27 Dresses — the 2008 bridal film that starred Katherine Heigl and Akerman.

And for more, here’s the trailer:

The Final Girls hits theaters October 9.