The Recall Trailer: Wesley Snipes, Sci-Fi, Space Aliens

The Recall Trailer

The Recall. A new sci-fi movie starring Wesley Snipes and alien abductors and some unwitting campers in a cabin in the woods. What else do you need to hear? This movie sounds cheesy as hell and you know what I like to see in the summer? Cheesy popcorn flicks and The Recall has it in spades!! Well, at least that’s what the trailer leads us to believe. I hadn’t even heard of this movie and happened to click on a video suggestion while working on some YouTube stuff and then this happened:

I don’t know enough about this movie. I’m reaching out to Minds Eye entertainment for more info but I haven’t seen a response. What do you guys think about this movie? This movie is 100% predictable but adding in Wesley Snipes and his martial arts prowess just makes it seem too good to pass up and clearly the filmmakers had a lot of fun making this film. Just check out their Facebook page!

I’m not sure if Minds Eye will respond but I’ll keep you guys posted.

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